WIN UP TO €500 APRIL 7 & 8

NinjaSkillzChallenge 2018

The Ninja Skillz Challenge is Ninja Warrior based competition where boys, girls, men and women are challenged with a Ninja Warrior Course. You’re challenging yourself physically and mentally in a fun way. The Ninja Skillz Challenge will also be something to train towards the next competition. The Competition will be split up in two days.
Day 1 will consist of a Qualifying Round and Stage 1 Finals.
Day 2 will consist of Stages 2,3,4 of the Finals.


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General Rules

Age Category
The minimum age to compete on The Ninja Skillz Challenge must be 16 years and older.

• The Early bird tickets will be €27,50 euros to sign up for The Ninja Skillz Challenge.
• No 100 Early Bird tickets sold? Remaining tickets will be sold for € 35 online. (
• This ticket includes one free hour of training at Obstacle Skillz whenever you want, before or after the competition, a bottle of water and a fruit coupon.
• You can only sign up for The Ninja Skillz Challenge ONCE. You only have one chance to compete on the course(s). Don’t worry! There will be more competitions throughout the year @ Obstacle Skillz, Purmerend!

• The Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women who get the furthest fastest on the competition will receive prizes. (prizes to be announced soon)
• The person who clears all obstacles within the time limits of every given round, wins the 1st place Prize worth of €500 euros.

General Rules
• Minimum of 50 competitors. Maximum of 100 competitors. (maximum amount can change).
• Competitor(s) from other countries are allowed.
• Every competitor has one chance to run the designated course.
• Time starts at the given moment of the organization.
• A false start will end his/her participation.
• Time stops when the competitor pushes the button that’s located at the end of the course.
• All competitors will be informed of all the rules during the so called: “walk through”, which is a walk along the obstacles, informing the rules per obstacle with ONE demonstration per obstacle(except on Stages 3 & 4).
Once you start on an obstacle, you cannot return to the starting platform of that obstacle. You will be disqualified in case you do.

Qualifying Round

Qualifying Round
• The Qualifying Round consists of 6 obstacles.
• The Qualifying Round has a Time Limit that will be announced on the day of competition.
• Competitors get to choose at obstacle #4 of one of the two obstacles during their run on the course.
• Top 50, who completed the Qualifying Round the fastest(who have the most time left on the clock) will advance to Stage 1 Finals. (If there are more than 100 competitors, the fastest 50% who clear this course move on to Stage 1)
Run order
Stage 1
Time left of the Qualifying Round
10 sec
40 sec
50 sec
The running order for Stage 1 Finals will be determined looking at the Qualifying Round Times. The more seconds you have left on the clock(Bert), the later your run will be on Stage 1 Finals. The less seconds you have left, the sooner you will run on Stage 1 Finals(Melissa). The later you start on Stage 1, the more time to rest, to check out techniques from previous competitors and more!

Owner / Employees Qualifying
• The Owner, employees and everyone who worked on the organization of The Ninja Skillz Challenge cannot participate on that particular competition.
Number of Competitors
• A Minimum of 50 competitors is needed to go through with the competition. A Maximum of 100 competitors are allowed.
• It is encouraged to have a many spectators during the competition. Family, friends, sports enthusiasts, curious ones, etc etc, are all welcome.
Video Review
• Every competitor will be filmed for promotional use such as an After Movie being used on Social Media and for the Video Review.
• Video Review may be used in close call situations to accurately decide the outcome of an athlete on the course.
• Two timers minimum will be used during every competitors run, to accurately track the time of each athlete that’s on the course.
Injury Stops
• In case of an injury during his/her run on the course and he/she steps off the course, their run will be over. The Athlete will be disqualified from the competition.
Obstacle Failure
• In case an obstacle breaks, is wrongfully positioned and did not occur during the previous runs, the athlete will get a rerun, within a maximum rest time of 30 minutes.
• In the event the athlete does not make it as far on their second run, the better of the two runs will be used for their ranking.


Final Stages
The running order per Stage will be determined looking at their remaining seconds of their previous run on that particular course. The more seconds you have left on the clock, the later your run will be on the next Stage. The less seconds you have left, the sooner you will run.
The later you start, the more time to rest, to check out techniques from previous competitors and more!
Stage 1
• Stage 1 consists of 7 obstacles.
• Stage 1 has a time limit that will be announced on the day of competition.
• Stage 1 consists of 2 Heats(rounds) of 25 competitors.
• You can only go through to Stage 2 if you cleared all obstacles on Stage 1 within the time limit.
Stage 2
• Stage 2 consists of 9 obstacles.
• Stage 2 has a time limit that will be announced on the day of competition.
• You can only go through to Stage 3 if you cleared all obstacles on Stage 2 within the time limit.

Stage 3
• Stage 3 consists of 16 obstacles.
• Stage 3 does not have a time limit BUT a maximum rest period of 30 seconds.
• You can only go through to Stage 4 if you cleared all obstacles on Stage 3 and did not pass the 30 seconds rest period.
• You will be disqualified if you rest more than 30 seconds between each obstacle. Once you hang in the next obstacle, your rest time stops. The organization will countdown the remaining 5 seconds out loud.
Stage 4
• Stage 4 consists of 3 obstacles.
• Stage 4 has a time limit that will be announced on the day of competition.
The Ninja Skillz Champion – Grand Prize
• The one person who clears Stage 4 the fastest within the time limit will earn the title of Ninja Skillz Champion.
• The Ninja Skillz Champion will receive 1st Place Grand Prize of €500.

Competitor Rules

• All competitors cannot practice, train or touch the obstacles during the time of the competition, when they’re not running the course.
• All competitors must wear indoor sports shoes AND MUST remove rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses or other jewelry, once they are on the starting platform.
• Participation is not allowed with gloves, (sports) tape and or other objects to improve grip. Exception for the use of sports tape and or bandage, if the athlete presented their wound and is cleared by the organization.
• The moment a competitor fails an obstacle, falls off course, the time is up,
• The competitor cannot continue his/her run.
• You can only use the obstacle on the course. You cannot use the truss, steel pipes, safety mats and/or other objects located on the course. It is shown during the “walk through”.
• The competitor cannot participate if he/she wasn’t present during the rules of the course and/or if he/she does not agree with the rules made by the organization.
• Participation is at own risk.
• Without a signed waiver / disclaimer, participation is not allowed.
• Competitor cannot drink, eat or have certain objects in their pockets, mouth or hands.
• Competitor is not allowed to have chalk/magnesium in his/her pockets during their run on the course. There will be a bucket full of chalk/magnesium at the starting platform.
• Glasses only allowed with bands so it doesn’t fall off. It is not allowed to compete in regular glasses.
• Competitor(s) will be disqualified if they do not obey any of the rules.